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First Tech Federal Credit Union brings out of this world technology to UC Davis Children’s Hospital

A not so long time ago in a galaxy called the Center for Simulation and Education Enhancement at UC Davis Health, a new order was fulfilled … an order for a manikin! Thanks to a generous donation from First Tech Federal Credit Union, this new baby is now helping to train physicians, nurses and other health care professionals at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

Baby manikin
This infant manikin, now known as Manikin Skywalker, was donated to UC Davis Children’s Hospital by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Meet Manikin Skywalker, a prodigy of the Force and the latest addition to the variety of training devices UC Davis Health has for learning and practice.

A $50,000 donation to Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) at UC Davis funded the purchase of this pediatric infant manikin. This advanced, high-fidelity, computerized baby simulates real-life scenarios. No Jedi mind trick here.

Manikin Skywalker is already hard at work. It is being used in:

  • Weekly pediatric mock codes for Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics and Family Practice residents in the emergency room.
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) nursing, medical student and resident courses in the simulation center.
  • The operating room for retrieval of aspirated foreign bodies.
  • Emergency Medicine, Pediatric and Family Practice resuscitation sessions for residents, attendings and fellows.
Doctors training on an infant manikin
Manikin Skywalker assists with training in the Center for Simulation and Education Enhancement at UC Davis Health.

“It would seem Manikin Skywalker is as committed to saving kids’ lives as First Tech is,” quipped Michelle Tafoya, CMN at UC Davis program director. “Not surprising, considering First Tech works tirelessly to take children’s health care to another level. The team has done it again with ‘Manikin’, who is keeping pace with her credit union colleagues, giving her all to improve the quality of pediatric treatment.”

First Tech was thrilled to fund this high-tech equipment as it aligned with the organization’s goals. As a thank you, UC Davis Center for Health and Technology director and pediatric critical care physician James Marcin offered First Tech an opportunity to name the manikin. Contest winner Haley Saunders from the Rocklin Branch won naming rights and Manikin Skywalker was born.