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Not all #healthcareheroes wear scrubs. Some wear magenta.

Cancer patient, Marshall, enjoying music therapy with UC Davis Children’s Hospital Music Therapist, Tori Steeley.

If you’ve struggled emotionally during this pandemic, you are not alone. It’s hard for many people to get their arms around what’s happening because this time in our lives is anything but “normal”. The same goes for sick or injured children who are hospitalized.

In both situations, education and coping skills are paramount and that’s where the Child Life & Creative Arts Therapy team comes in. These magenta-wearing heroes provide  support and age-appropriate coping strategies while educating families, staff and physicians about the special needs of each hospitalized child.

Child Life Specialist, Ginger Rounds, explains a procedure to a pediatric surgery patient.

This focus on emotional well-being reduces anxiety and promotes effective coping, something all of us can acknowledge is critical during times of stress. No one knows the importance of this more than pediatric patient families. To all the Child Life Specialists & Creative Arts Therapists who provide this imperative support to kiddos every day, we see you and we thank you.