When the cause of helping sick kids is personal, the community can feel that genuine passion. Mark Allen’s son was treated in UC Davis Children’s Hospital, so he is not just doing his job when he leads the local Mediathon. Mark truly leads with conviction and zeal to rally around the fundraising for UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

We are pleased to announce Mark S. Allen as the winner of the 2017 TV Person of the Year. The award honors the host or producer of a local telethon that has gone above and beyond, demonstrating a long-term commitment to the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This only adds to the pervious awards he has won as a local news anchor.

During past Mediathons, donations slow down during the day between news segments, but with Mark as the leaders, donations continued throughout the entire day. His viewers love and trust him, and he has a gift with being able to connect with his audience.

A beloved story about Mark’s dedication happened from a past Mediathon. He was shooting live from the hospital and was schedule to fly to Los Angeles after the segment. When it ended, the hospital realized that donations spiked when Mark was on air. Not wanting to lose that momentum, the hospital asked him to stay longer for the fundraiser. Mark rescheduled his flight and continued with the segment.

Mark proves year after year his dedication and love for UC Davis Children’s Hospital. He works tirelessly to bring people to the cause and donate.


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