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Meet the Miracle Maker: Will Davis

For Will Davis, being a part of Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is a legacy of love. It began with his dad, Dan Davis, who supported CMN for years before he passed away. Will has indeed followed in his father’s footsteps, but he has also carved his own path as he continues that “Davis dedication” to CMN and the children at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

As senior project superintendent for Kitchell CEM, Will has spent the last 10 years on the UC Davis Health campus working on various projects. During this time, he has crossed paths with many amazing people … including the kids at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. When Will first saw them, he says his heart melted. The seed was sown.

As a member of the Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis Business Council, Will has been instrumental in securing sponsorship support, as well as spending unending hours helping with anything and everything CMN! Will says he takes a page from the hospitalized kids “to cherish the road of life and its infinite possibilities, taking advantage of the chance to smile every day and offer kindness or help to others.”

The legacy of love continues. No doubt his dad would be proud.

How long have you been involved with Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis? What has your involvement looked like over time? I have been involved with Children’s Miracle Network and UC Davis Children’s Hospital for seven years.

There are so many good causes. Why did you choose to support UC Davis Children’s Hospital? I work on the UC Davis Health campus as a construction manager. During my time onsite, I have seen the children. When I was invited to a Children’s Miracle Network event in 2009, I was so inspired! I raised more donations the next year and then in 2011, Jacquelyn Mills, senior development officer for CMN, asked me to come aboard as a member of the Business Council.

What is your favorite memory while supporting UC Davis Children’s Hospital? This story sounds a little selfish, but bear with me. I played in a CMN golf tournament and won a chipping contest. My name was then entered to win a door prize. I won a 70’ high-definition television! The feeling I felt when my name was announced was great, but when I immediately gave the television back to the auctioneer and we raised $700 in bids, I felt awesome! I know any one of my colleagues would have done the same, but it felt selfless. I was hooked!

How has being involved with UC Davis Children’s Hospital changed your life? Your family’s life? Having been involved with Children’s Miracle Network and UC Davis Children’s Hospital, I see things in a different light. I am a more grateful person.

What motivates you as a volunteer? The children at UC Davis Children’s Hospital!

What do you think about every time you volunteer for UC Davis Children’s Hospital? The great energy!

What do you think is the most important thing people don’t know about this hospital? The passion the patient care teams display every day, 12 hours a day or more. It’s beyond remarkable!

What would you say to people about why they should invest in the health of children’s hospitals? Children’s Miracle Network is an awesome charity! I have seen the results firsthand. It changes lives.

Whether you’re a parent who has been blessed with a healthy child/life, or you’re a survivor or know someone who has fought the good fight (I lost my dad three years ago to asbestos-related cancer), it’s a beautiful feeling when you give back. It’s the runner’s high when giving of yourself! You can make a difference … we all can.